Monday, 9 January 2012

Never Mind the Botox Blog Tour

From Goodreads: Never Mind the Botox is a series about four professional women all working on the sale of high-profile cosmetic surgery business the Beau Street Group. Each book reveals how the women cope with one of the most glamorous but challenging deals of their careers, and the dramatic impact it has on their personal lives. With a briefcase in one hand and a glass of wine in the other, can they navigate their way through a surreal world of boob jobs by day and intrigue by night and still keep their own love lives on track? Rachel Altman is a corporate financier with a prestigious accounting firm who's desperately trying to keep on the straight and narrow. Hopelessly led astray by her bar-diving boyfriend, she gets the chance to turn things around when her boss gives her the break she's been waiting for. But when the deal doesn't go as planned Rachel panics, sparking off a chain of betrayal and lies that threatens to ruin both her love life and career.

I really enjoyed this novel, it was something a bit different to what I normal read which was a refreshing change. I liked where the book was set and how there are three other books in the series and the main characters in those books appear in this book. Rachel's character came across as a strong, independent woman that didn't need any help from any man in her life. I found it entertaining reading about Rachel and Harry's relationship, it was very much a relationship where the man was in control, until Rachel finally worked out that she could do a lot better then Harry. 

I liked the writing style of the book as it was so easy to jump right in feet first into the story, there was lots going and there were points in the book that I was thinking ahead of what Rachel's character was thinking. The whole concept of the book was really interesting I enjoyed reading about what Rachel did as a job and who her circle of friends were. The ending was really good as she finally saw sense and changed what was wrong with her life, one being her boyfriend. It seemed like she had gone on a journey throughout the book and grew as a person, she was an interesting character to follow as there were some points where she couldn't make her mind up and others where she was really determined.

After reading this book, it has made me realise there is more to just young adult books and has encouraged me to start reading a few more adult books. This is definitely a really interesting book and if you like woman's fiction you should pick this one up and have a read. I am now going to find the other books to read them and find out what happens to the other characters.  

Come back tomorrow for my Q and A with the authors of Never Mind the Botox: Rachel.



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